Zac @ Bottom of the Hill
FIDLAR @ La Weekly 
FIDLAR @ La Weekly show in chinatown 
found this in a box full of crap I kept. My brother’s I just wanna die lyrics on a scratch piece of paper. 
After being on tour for the past 2 1/2 years, Zac came home to find out that his back was really fucked up. It’s been a rough few months with several doctors telling him so many different things with little to no cure for his severe back pain. He is finally feeling better and I’m so happy to report that FIDLAR is back in the studio! I know this is somewhat personal but this blog has always been a closer look into my life and the awesome friends around me.
This photo was taken at my garage sale while I was moving. He was in a lot of pain but he still came to help and be there for me. Not to get all gushy and sappy but love this dude so much.
FIDLAR going ape shit 
FIDLAR @ Che Cafe 
In colorado, Zac got a weird cyst on his chin and couldn’t sing so he made this mask and the rest of the boys had to sing the songs. There are no sick days when you are on the road. You gotta just stick it out and play the damn show. 
FIDLAR // Bottom of the Hill
Zac climbing through the crowd at Bottom of the Hill, SF